Friday, July 29, 2011

Convocation again!

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This picture was taken 2 years ago in year 2009, the day i received my diploma. For record, i finished my study in 2007 and the whole batch wait for 2 years for convocation ceremony. Again, on 17&18 September 2011, convocation for my university will be held. My friends and i will be among the receiver of our degree. Glad that we don't have to wait again and again.Huhu!In case if any of my batch mate didn't know about this, you guys have to register as Unisza's alumni first here and make sure you open it with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox to avoid any problem. After that, log on to your student's portal and click at "Jubah Konvokesyen".Choose your own size and get your slip.Don't forget to pay RM100 using BIMB for the gown.See you guys during convo!

yours truly,

Lost with dignity

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Assalamualaikum ..
Good morning peeps!
How are you guys today?Bad mood?What to do.It's all written so accept it okay.Everybody is talking about last night's match.We lost to Singapore with aggregate 6-4 isn't it?Actually i didn't watch the match.Afraid of being frustrated.Not that i have no faith in our player but since the first match we saw what was happened so i chose to just wait for the result and be prepared for the worse.However, it's good to see our supporters gives their motivational words to our players and express our loses in proper way. Compared to years ago, our supporters  today are more matured and rational.The most important thing is we lost with dignity!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 2:Universal Studio Singapore

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We went to Singapore on 23/7/2011. My brother chartered an Unser and the driver named Che Pa. A Kelantanese married to Johorean. Very talkative and friendly. We leave around 8.30 am. Many people are entering Singapore and more people entering Malaysia.Our Malaysian Immigration is quite friendly. Singaporean Immigration is very friendly too. He even talks about Malaysia-Singapore soccer match with us. 
Universal Studio, Singapore situated at Pulau Sentosa. The same place where the lion statue is and we can see the lion from Universal Studio but because of excited to enter Universal Studio and time constraint we didn't manage to take a picture of the lion.Pay 72 dollar and you can try everything provided for you in the studio. Since it is weekend there are lots of people.Most of them are Chinese but i don't know whether they come from Malaysia or Singapore but they are Chinese.Others from Thailand, Philippines, Arabs and many more. The weather is hot!First, we experience a ride on boat at Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. All popular and glamour Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria are there. The queue a very long line and lots of people are waiting for their turn to ride the boat and feel like in the movie. 

After that we had our lunch at Casa de Wild. All of us had rice and roasted chicken for our lunch. Everything is delicious when you're hungry and tired. Tired because of a long wait for Madagascar but i'm still excited to explore the studio.Another place where you can eat is Gloria's Snack Shack if you like Japanese and Indian food.Other attractions at Madagascar is King Julien's Beach Party-Go Round, where there is crazy carousel with King Julien the Lemurs.For shopping, there is Penguin Mercantile where you can buy Madagascar merchandise.

Our next pit stop is Far Far Away Kingdom. A place where Shrek and Princess Fiona live happily ever after.We watched Donkey LIVE. It is an interactive live show where the donkey will sing and teasing the audience. Very funny and kids love it most.They shouting and clapping happily. Other attractions are Shrek 4-D Adventure, Enchanted Airways and Magic Potion Spin. If you wanna buy anything, the place is Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop. Hungry?Three eateries for you to choose. Goldilocks, Friar's and Fairy Godmother Juice Bar.

Then, our destination is The Lost World. Here we watched WaterWorld. A full of stunts, awesome explosions and thrills of water show.Like a movie but it is real before your eyes. We wanna try the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure but under maintenance so we leave and go for Ancient Egypt. But for your info, there are many other attractions here such as Canopy Flyer, Dino-Soarin and  Amber Rock Climb.

Next, Ancient Egypt. My sister in law said, being there is like when she was in Egypt. She and my brother studied there and they fell in love.Huhu!We went for Revenge of the Mummy. We ride a roller coaster which inside the building and it's dark in there.All character of the Mummy are in there and seriously you will feel the adrenaline rush!Just imagine the roller coaster in a dark place and inside a building!Less thrill you can go is Treasure Hunter. I think this created for kids because they can drive their own desert jeep through abandoned Egyptian excavation site.

At Sci-Fi City we only try Accelerator. No need to imagine gigantic devise since it is in sci-fi city. It was only a spinning cup but it in sci-fi build.Hihi!It was for kid.Haha!The other attractions are Battlestar Galactica:Cylon. A suspended coaster which goes up, around and upside down. Another one is Battlestar Galactica:Human. This is the real roller coaster. Speeds at 82.2km/h and it twist, turns and propels over 14 storeys into the air.Giler ok!Sib tak pengsan aku yang tengok ni!Haha!

When you first enter Universal Studio, you arrive in Hollywood. The attractions is Monster Rock.For merchandise you can choose  Universal studio store, Star Characters, The Dark Room, Silver Screen Collectibles, SuperStar Candies, The Brown Derby and That's Wrap.For those who are hungry may choose Celebrity Cafe & Bakery, Hollywood China Bistro or Mel's Drive-In.

Wanna experience the movie like hurricane?Let's go to New York!Find Lights, Camera, Actions!It is hosted by Steven Spielberg. The setting is a major hurricane which about to hit New York City. Exciting and thrilling. Audience will stand at 3 level of stairs. New York city is in front of you and suddenly the breaking news is about the hurricane will hit the city. Raining heavily, fire, things fall down and water splash. Lastly, a ship coming towards you. Of course it's thrilling and adrenaline rush!Disaster make you hungry to death?Let's go to Loui's NY Pizza Parlor and KT's Grill to eat!

That's all i can share with you about Universal Studio Singapore. Since it's hot there, bring water,sunglasses and lots of money too!A mineral water cost about 2 dollar which equivalent to RM4.90!Tu boleh beli burger 2 bijik k kat Malaysia!

Enjoy the show!



King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
our lunch at Marty's Casa Del Wild
Far Far Away Kingdom - Princess Fiona's Palace

Ancient Egypt

Sci-Fi City

New York

Lights, Camera, Action!

Walk of Fame - Julie Andrews

Walk of Fame - Audrey Hepburn

p/s: my classmate get married on the day i went to sorry kakted.i really wanna go to her wedding but since this vacation planned by my sister i'm not able to go and meet kakted and her husband, jai. Kakted and Jai, i wish you guys live happily ever after.have lots and lots of kids ok!hihi!

yours truly,

Part 1:Vacation JB

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I had a great vacation last weekend. Went to Johor Baharu then to Singapore. My brother, sister and i traveled by bus to JB on 21/7/2011 and arrived in JB around 6 am the next day. Take taxi to Selesa Hotel which previously known as Grand Continental and check in around 6.45 am. The check in process takes some times and because of tiredness we call room service for breakfast. We had nasi lemak which cost about RM60.40.Expensive but fortunately it is delicious and full of 'lauk' such as fried chicken, an egg, sambal udang and all other lauk necessary for nasi lemak. Overall sib baik sedap eh! 

There is a new shopping mall opened in JB named KSL City.Nice place for shopping!Lots of clothes and surprise me it's quite cheap compared to same design clothes that we bought at uptown or pasar malam. You will get 2 pairs for RM50 and it's pretty!A heaven for Korean fashion lover. The design of the shop is also cute. Every shop has different design and that will attract you more!I met Adibah Noor too. She's there for Libresse promotion. She's beautiful. Looks very friendly.Have you watched the last part of Harry Potter?My younger sister is die hard fan of Harry Potter so we take this opportunity to watched the movie there. Since it is Friday only few people come to the cinema. It is the most comfortable movie time i ever had. The cinema is yours!Haha!

Review about the movie? Harry Potter never disappoint me. Since year first, when they are still 'budak2 suci' i love them all. Seriously it is exciting!They've grown up. A lot more mature and more braver. Surprise is everywhere. There a lot of things that we never expect. A friendship that we should take as a lesson, love that never fade, sadness, grudge and many more are spices in this last part of Harry Potter. All and all, i wanna watched this movie again!

Review about Selesa Hotel: 4 out of 5. Everybody is friendly. Very comfortable hotel. Room service is good.He even tell me the best shopping mall to go and the housekeeping boy which give me an iron is very kind too. He knows how to respect customer and talk softly. People in cafe is nice too. They are good at greeting customers. Make me feel like being appreciated and not being ignored!One thing make me frustrated is they did not make up the room while i already left a message at my door.This is after we came back from Singapore.Maybe this hotel has it's own policy regarding this matter but i think it is a common practice that when you leave your room, drop key at reception, leave a message at your door and without telling them to make up your room, still they will make up your room.When my brother ask the front desk about this, they asked my brother whether he told them to make up the room or not. So, if you're thinking about to stay here, please tell them what to do with your room because if not their housekeeper will not enter your room even you put 'please make up the room' sign in front of your door.However, i am quite satisfied when we come back from Pandan Uptown later on they already tidy up our room. All and all 4/5!

Next, part 2 Universal Studio Singapore!

yours truly,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sushi Rolls

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Mesti ada orang yang suka makan sushi tapi sejak2 ada berita tak best pasal kedai2 sushi yang penah kite pegi da tak makan sushi lagi.Contohnye saperti saya.Sebab tu usaha ni cari resipi dan cara nak wat sushi. Sebenarnye tak susah sangat nak wat yang penting cukup bahan. Hari tu masa buat ni pun takcukup bahan gak tapi kreativiti masing2 la gantikan ape yang takde tu dengan ape yang ada.Jom kite!

  • isi ketam
  • sosej
  • telur dadar
  • nasi (beras jepun yang melekat2  cam pulut tu 1 cawan, air 2 cawan)
  • cuka
  • timun
  • seaweed yang kering
  • gaulkan nasi dengan cuka.kalau beras secawan, cuka dalam 5 sudu.
  • ratakan nasi atas seaweed.
  • letak isi ketam, sosej, telur dan timun atas nasi yang da diratakan atas seaweed.
  • gulung seaweed guna buluh yang cam alas meja tu.
isi ketam dan sosej
telur dadar
ratakan nasi atas seaweed
 Selamat mencuba kawan2!Try la wat senang je sebab saya yang tak berapa hebat kat dapur ni boleh wat, kawan2 yang expert mesti lagi boleh wat punye.Makan kenyang2!Hihi!

yours truly,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never give up!

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Since i was a kid i only know one thing about being an adult. Have a good job!Of course, typical me only see lawyer and doctor as making lots of money.I develop my interest on becoming a lawyer as it is professional and respected in society. I see how my cousins struggled in a battle of property division when their dad passed away without leaving any will and their step mother used most of the money to build houses for her children.It's hurt to see something like that before your eyes but there is nothing you can do. I'm no good in math or science but score 100% for languages in primary school. I thought to myself i have to learn something that really suit me and something i can do better. Then, when i finished my SPM, i apply for diploma in law because i thought it would be a way for me to become what i want to be.  

As time goes, i found that law is hard too. It is not only you have to read, understand and remember but you have to know how to apply the law with the situation. Law taught me a lot. At least, i become braver than before. I used to be a kid with few friends and my teacher during primary school don't even know my name. But it's okay.It was long time ago. I've finished my LL.B and waiting for my graduation this September. However, although i am LL.B holder, still i'm not able to be a lawyer. I studied law for 4 years for degree, same as other law schools student but the different is my school is yet to have a recognition which entitle us to chambering. We have to wait for indefinite period before we were recognized and eligible to join the legal field practice.

The point is, we're not going to get everything we want. Although we put our blood and sweat for it, still, if it is not our destiny, we just passed it and go for something that we may never imagine. We planned for our future but we're not the best planner. Everything must go in line with what Allah has planned for us and He knows best. The thing is, never give up your dream!There is always silver lining behind the clouds. Always pray for the best and give your best to the fullest. We never know what will happen tomorrow but we have to ensure tomorrow is always better than today. On top of that, redha with what Allah planned for us because He knows what is the best.

To my sister,Raudah, congratulations for the offer of cadet pilot.Finally, right?All the best and fly high!

yours truly,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tak faham dengan wanita yang tahu hak?

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Saya tengok satu drama kat tv3.Tahajud cinta rasanya tajuk cite ni. Pelakon die Fazura, Fouziah Ghous pastu ramai lagi la. Kisahnye Fazura dan Fouziah ni blaja kat oversea, negara Timur Tengah la sebab diorang asik cakap Arab je. 

Mula2 rasa cam best gak cite ni tapi sampai kat tengah2 cite, saya dengar si Fouziah ni cakap satu line yang lebih kurang macam ni "aku tak faham betul la dengan perempuan2 yang sanggup turun naik mahkamah sebab nak dapatkan Rm500 sebulan."

Apa pandangan korang?Sependapat dengan line tu?Bagi saya itu rubbish!Line tu jugak mengingatkan saya pada kes seorang artis laki ni yang bersungguh2 defend diri tak bersalah tak bayar nafkah anak2 die.Kes tu bukan satu2nya kes laki lari dari bayar nafkah.Ada banyak lagi yang kita tak tau. Kalau tak caye bukak Jurnal Hukum.Tengok sendiri ada bape banyak kes macam tu.

Berbalik kepada line dimaksudkan, saya wonder, sama ada penulis skrip ni wat research ke tak dulu sebelum came out dengan skrip ni. Kalau perempuan2 yang tengah menghadapi masalah kewangan sebab bekas suami tak bayar nafkah, apa perasaan diorang?Meletakkan diri di tempat diorang, rasa tak tekanan yang diorang hadapi?

Memang tak dinafikan, perempuan memang boleh cari duit sendiri dan berdikari. Malah zaman sekarang ni, normal kalau pempuan lagi banyak duit dari laki. Walau bagai mana pun, isu naik turun mahkamah sebab nak tuntut nafkah bukan semata2 sebab duit tapi ianya adalah tentang hak, menyedarkan lelaki tentang tanggungjawab mereka terhadap anak, dan jugak tuntutan Islam sendiri.

Tentang hak, bila pasangan suami isteri berpisah, anak2 berhak untuk mendapat nafkah dari bapa. Hubungan suami isteri memang terputus tetapi bapa dan anak tidak akan terputus. Sehingga si anak mencapai umur majoriti, si bapa wajib untuk menanggung anak, walau pun ibu bekerja.

Ada di kalangan lelaki yang seolah2 melupekan anak dengan bekas isteri bile ada isteri baru. Anak dengan isteri baru je anak die.Anak dengan bekas isteri anak buluh betong agaknye!Ini adalah sangat tidak bertanggungjawab. Ingat la, anak itu amanah Allah untuk ibu bapa. Amanah ini mesti la di jaga dengan sebaiknya. Dididik supaya menjadi hamba Allah yang soleh, anak yang taat kepada ibu bapa, dan menjadi insan berguna untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.Tapi kalau nafkah anak pun tak nak bagi, ikut celah mana nak didik anak nak jadi orang berguna?

Syariat dah menetapkan, seorang bapa wajib memberi nafkah kepada anak2 walau pun ibu bapa dah bercerai. Dalam Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 233,  Allah berfirman yang maksudnya: "dan ibu-ibu hendaklah menyusukan anak-anak mereka selama dua tahun genap, iaitu bagi orang yang hendak menyempurnakan penyusuan itu; dan kewajipan ke atas bapa pula ialah memberi makan dan pakaian kepada ibu itu menurut cara yang sepatutnya."

Ayat ni menunjukkan kepada kita bahawa, seorang ayah bertanggungjawab menanggung anaknya. Tak kire la die masih bersama ibu atau pun die da berpisah dengan ibu. 

Kesimpulannya, saya berpendapat, wanita yang turun naik mahkamah sebab nak dapat rm500 sebulan tu adalah wanita cerdik yang tau hak anak2nya. Bertuahnya anak2 yang punye ibu yang sanggup bersusah payah untuk mengembalikan hak mereka sebagai anak. Sedihnye kalau betul ada wanita2 kat luar sana yang sama berfikiran macam skrip ni. Kalau bukan wanita yang memahami wanita, siapa lagi?

yours truly,

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nak kerja kena exam!

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Kalau anda penah baca blog saya tentu anda tau yang saya ni sedang menanam anggur dengan jayanya. Bukan tak ada apply untuk cari kerja, banyak da apply tapi satu pun tak de yang panggil interview. Hingga la beberapa hari lepas, saya tengok classmate saya dulu sume pun busy duk bercakap pasal exam pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik a.k.a PTD.

Rupenye ramai classmate saya yang dapat gi exam tu sebab kateye sesiape yang dapat cgpa 2.75 ke atas akan dipanggil la untuk exam tu. Rasanya ramai dah tau kot nak jadi ptd ni bukan senang.Nak sampai ke peringkat interview je kena exam 2 kali. First exam ada 5 seksyen, yang lulus exam pertama baru layak untuk exam seksyen dua iaitu sahsiah dan minat. 

Kalau ikut kate kawan2 saya memag exam ni susah dan kena buat betul2. Saya risau gak kot2 kawan2 saya yang lain sume dapat gi exam tapi saya je yang tak dapat.Tapi alhamdulillah saya dapat gak surat dipanggil untuk exam seksyen yang pertama ni.Tapi cam susah jugak la. All around the intenet pun banyak da orang cakap pasal exam ni susah nak lepas. Kena study la jawabnya.Berdebar la jugak tapi usaha tangga kejayaan kan.Usaha dulu, buat yang terbaik dan tawakal. Lepas tu baru redha je la terime keputusannya.

Kepada sume kawan2 second batch LLB Unisza, good luck for the exam okeyh!

yours truly,

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's 100!

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Seratus!Matketawa kamu yang ke 100!Hihi.Mekasih sudi memfollow saya.Kawan2 sila la jalan2 ke blog Mat ketawa.Ada cerite pelik2 dan klako2 kat situ.Hehe.

Sebenarnye, tiap kali bilangan follower saya bertambah, saya akan jadi bersemangat lebih sikit nak update2 blog ni. Sebab saya rasa macam ada orang akan baca. Bile tengok bilangan follower tak bertambah, kadang2 nak tulis ape2 pun rasa cam segan2.Sebab asyik rasa diri sendiri je yang baca tulisan sendiri.Hihi!

Mekasih bagi saya semangat nak menulis dan  let's support each other ok!*wink**wink*

yours truly,

Creamy Pasta

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Saya bukan expert dalam masak.Nak masak singgang pun kakak saya kena supervise lagi.Nak cakapnye itu feveret saya!Tapi!Tapi..hihi..hari ni saya nak share resipi creamy pasta. First time makan creamy pasta dekat Secret Recipe. Sekarang, nak makan kat sana da tak boleh sebab hari tu kan ada isu pasal SR ni. Lepas tu, tengok We Got Married Yongseo couple, Seohyun SNSD pulak masak creamy pasta untuk member2 CN Blue.Teringin nak makan lagi.Cari kat internet apa bahan2 yang perlu.Serius, senang je. Yang penting bahan2 biar cukup.Jom kite main masak2 kawan2!


  • butter  4 sudu (kalau takde, minyak pun boleh)
  • bawang merah 1 biji
  • ayam cincang
  • garam
  • thicken cream
  • susu putih
  • parmesan cheese
  • origano
  • pasta
  • panaskan minyak
  • masukkan bawang yang dicincang. Goreng sampai bawang masak.
  • masukkan ayam cincang. Goreng sampai ayam masak.
  • masukkan garam secukup rasa.
  • masukkan thicken cream. kacau bagi ayam dengan cream sebati.
  • msukkan susu putih.Kacau bagi ayam, thicken cream dan susu bercampur dengan elok.
  • masukkan parmesan cheese. Kacau bagi sume bahan sebati dengan elok.
  • boleh tabur origano untuk ada rasa cam rempah2 sikit.(boleh jugak kalau nak letak black pepper).
creamy pasta from first timer

 yours truly,

99 =)

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Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang!

Nampak sesuatu tak kat tepi tu?Kat follower tu.Hihi.

Saya da ada 99 orang kawan yang setia menemani saya di dunia blog ni.Hehe.Bila saya asyik hihi hehe ni maknanya saya gembira dan saya sangat menghargai kehadiran kawan2 saya di sini.

Benda simple lagi kecik mungkin bagi sesetengah orang tapi saya ni orang bese yang sentiasa teruja dengan benda2 yang saya rasa exciting.Hihi.

Terima kasih Pepol jadi follower saya yang ke-99.Kawan2 sila la pegi berjalan ke sana ye =).Saya menunggu yang ke-100!Hihi!

yours truly,

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