Monday, July 25, 2011

Part 1:Vacation JB

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 7:31 PM
I had a great vacation last weekend. Went to Johor Baharu then to Singapore. My brother, sister and i traveled by bus to JB on 21/7/2011 and arrived in JB around 6 am the next day. Take taxi to Selesa Hotel which previously known as Grand Continental and check in around 6.45 am. The check in process takes some times and because of tiredness we call room service for breakfast. We had nasi lemak which cost about RM60.40.Expensive but fortunately it is delicious and full of 'lauk' such as fried chicken, an egg, sambal udang and all other lauk necessary for nasi lemak. Overall sib baik sedap eh! 

There is a new shopping mall opened in JB named KSL City.Nice place for shopping!Lots of clothes and surprise me it's quite cheap compared to same design clothes that we bought at uptown or pasar malam. You will get 2 pairs for RM50 and it's pretty!A heaven for Korean fashion lover. The design of the shop is also cute. Every shop has different design and that will attract you more!I met Adibah Noor too. She's there for Libresse promotion. She's beautiful. Looks very friendly.Have you watched the last part of Harry Potter?My younger sister is die hard fan of Harry Potter so we take this opportunity to watched the movie there. Since it is Friday only few people come to the cinema. It is the most comfortable movie time i ever had. The cinema is yours!Haha!

Review about the movie? Harry Potter never disappoint me. Since year first, when they are still 'budak2 suci' i love them all. Seriously it is exciting!They've grown up. A lot more mature and more braver. Surprise is everywhere. There a lot of things that we never expect. A friendship that we should take as a lesson, love that never fade, sadness, grudge and many more are spices in this last part of Harry Potter. All and all, i wanna watched this movie again!

Review about Selesa Hotel: 4 out of 5. Everybody is friendly. Very comfortable hotel. Room service is good.He even tell me the best shopping mall to go and the housekeeping boy which give me an iron is very kind too. He knows how to respect customer and talk softly. People in cafe is nice too. They are good at greeting customers. Make me feel like being appreciated and not being ignored!One thing make me frustrated is they did not make up the room while i already left a message at my door.This is after we came back from Singapore.Maybe this hotel has it's own policy regarding this matter but i think it is a common practice that when you leave your room, drop key at reception, leave a message at your door and without telling them to make up your room, still they will make up your room.When my brother ask the front desk about this, they asked my brother whether he told them to make up the room or not. So, if you're thinking about to stay here, please tell them what to do with your room because if not their housekeeper will not enter your room even you put 'please make up the room' sign in front of your door.However, i am quite satisfied when we come back from Pandan Uptown later on they already tidy up our room. All and all 4/5!

Next, part 2 Universal Studio Singapore!

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