Monday, May 31, 2010

till then..

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few days without updates..quite boring huh??hehe..due to some reasons i just can not get access to the all i do is reading my new novel "remember me?" written by sophie kinsella and watching tv..currently at my sis's house at pj..poor my blog no updates..

so wanna know about "remember me?"??it is a story of a woman who had lost her memory due to car crash..she didn't remember anything except up to year 2004..she thinks she's 24..actually she's 28..she thought she got nothing..but it appears that she is a director of a company, live like in heaven and most important thing is she's married!!haha..damn good looking husband and rich..huhu!!she learn everything from the beginning and it happened to be that she hated by people..her personality had change..from an arrogant woman to very humble..she got amnesia anyway..and i'm not yet finish actually ..hehe..but already know the ending..i just can't wait to know what will happen at the end so i straight away go to last page..hehe..

last night while having a dinner my sis marking her student's xm paper for bahasa melayu high expectation coz when she read it to me i think it is quite ok but she said that's not what she i fully understand that teachers and lecturers have their own standard in marking..all students have to do is to have a brilliant idea and know how to arrange the points. not to mention, use the right words. try to impress them by our idea. not easy but i believe by practice we just can do it..

speaking about result already can be checked today but due to some technical problem, the whole class can not do so but i actually happy for that because i don't wanna know my result. i know it would be a disaster.i'm not doing well during last final heart like wanna explode when i start thinking about it. i just pray to Allah that i pass all's ok if i only got "cukup2 mkn" but please let me passed all papers i've taken..

feel like wanna cry now..waaaa!!!till then..bye =)

yours truly,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

new life, new place, new friends....

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Today a new phase of life has started. i've been through that phase before and now i'm on my way to finish it. 1 more year to go. then i will start a new one and maybe will go back to that phase again but with different me..more wiser and prettier..haha!!perasan xleh blah..haha..

Actually this entry concerning my sister's new life. she already registered as Unisel's student today. far away from home..away from abah and kak long..have to do everything by her own..this is the time where she has to be independent. but as usual i always have faith in her that she can do it!!

We depart from abg jo's place at about 7.30 am..from bkt jalil to bestari jaya takes about less than 1 hour. so fast huh??haha..manage to get there before 9 am..registration counter opened at 9 am and closed at 1 pm..raudah has successfully registered herself by her is her first step to be independent and do everything by herself. around 11 am parents were given briefing by the deputy registrar about unisel and students facilities. q&a session was quite funny..hehe..lots of inquiries from parents. obviously they are worried about their children but sometimes the questions are ridiculous and the one who incharge have to repeat the same thing again and again..haha..but i understand they just being curious about their children's safety. after all i feel like attending PIBG's least i have some experience..hehe..

Around 12 at noon we start to move to raudah's hostel. not an ordinary hostel. it takes about 20 km from Unisel's campus. near to pekan ijok..hehe..she's going to be a pekan ijok people for a year..haha..not much different from our hometown kuala berang. the hostel is quite amazing. a terrace at kota puteri. overall there are 10 blocks of foundation students hostel. only foundation students live there. that house contain 4 bedrooms and 3 bathroom.quite ok with security from unisel.

The orientation program only started at 2.30 pm so we got some time for lunch and shopped for some household. after sending her back to hostel we make a move at about 2.10 pm. leaving her there with her new phase of life. everything seems to be ok and now depends on her to study hard and make us proud of her again just like what she did before.

good luck and i always pray for your success and safety!!may Allah bless u and give u protection all the way =)
yours truly,

Monday, May 24, 2010

budak kecik name faez

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"ape tu?".."ape ni?"..haha..itu je la yg duk dgr dr td..haha..byk tol soalan die..pastu klu kite tanye "buat ape?"..die ulang balik cakap kite..haha..mulut tak berenti cakap..itu la faez..klako tol la..

dari bangun tdo td smpai skang duk melayan die..mulut tak berenti bertanye..pastu sume benda die nak tegur..haha..nampak org on laptop die pn tanye pelatnye "buke komputer?"..haha..da risau ni ble die tanye..mest sebok nak tgk ultaraman tu siap warning awal2 "acik nak gune ni faez jgn sebok"..die pun ckp "jgn sebok"..haha..

time adik duk ngadap lappy ni die bleh plak datang duk sblh.."nak ultraman"...pastu sume benda die nak tanye.."ape tu?".."ape ni?"..ok la bdk kecik..haha..orang minum milo die pun nak milo gak..xnak tu dlm botol nal dlm gelas..bibik marah die selambe marah bibik balik..haha..tapi pandai la xtumpah pun..klu tumpah ak gk yg kne nati sbb ak yg buat kan air utk die dlm gelas tu..hihi..

sgt best la rsnye..baru setengah hari ni..ak da sakit perut gelakkan faez..ermm tu je la..nati hapdet lg..
yours truly,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

shahir menang =) !!

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ramai orang da boring ngn af..same goes to me..sblm ida ckp kwn die ms skolah dpt msk af sy rs cm da malas nk ngadap af ble dgr ida duk cite2 tu rs cm menarik je kwn die ni..pastu ckp kt adik yg shahir yg saujana dlu msk af die terus minat nak tgk af lg..pd hal sblm tu die pn da mls nk ngadap tv tgu af..lg pn die bkn ada keje duk umah ms tu..

ble da start cuti after final xm mmg tade keje pun duk umah..rutin harian adalah seperti berikut:

1)online fb

2)tgk tv

begitu la seadanye..hehe..

ble da salu tgk tv mest la ada tgk af..tetibe rs cm best je shahir ni..hehe..suare die best..muke ensem..sekarang da faham perasaan ida..lalalalala~~~~~

af ni mmg ske drama kan..saje je da terkeluar ada plak mmg harap shahir msk balik pun..die pun msk balik..huhu!! da mmg rezeki die..da menang no 1 pun ari ni..congratz la..jgn jd cm org tertentu da la..hehe..ada cam perli tak??tade la..hehe..pape pun sgt ske kamu menang..kalau xsuke tade la satu rumah menjerit ble shahir diumum menang..haha..
all the best k =)
yours truly,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

semalam dan hari ini

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guess what???haha..baru bangun tido..bleh tak anak dara baru bangun time camni??ehh sungguh tak sopan ye di situ..haha..ala bukan apa semlm kan naik bus so tak leh tido la..siap sakit kaki lagi tu waktu dalam bus..nak betulkan seat pun tak ne..haha..

now i'm in my brother's and my sis naik bus kul 8.45 mlm td kat koberang.. cube teka kite org smpi kL kul bape??3 pagi pelesit kot pakcik bus tu bwk bus..laju giler..patut la ak rasa cam kedepan2 je bus tu..haha..mmg la ke depan2 klu asik kebelakang mmg xsmpi la plak kan..

perjalanan cam bese je..tade pape yg menarik dan tade pape yg luar bese..sume under control..kan smpi kul 3 pagi kn kul 5 lebih br abg smpi..waktu call die still tdo..of cos la..kul 3 pagi klu ak kt umah kt kg tu kul 3 tu tgh online..muahahahahaha...

then smpi2 umah die duk kejap je terus azan dibimbangi ak akan tak bangun kalau tdo dlu ak terus la solat subuh dlu..dan tanpa ku sangka ak xdpt melelapkan mata dengan jayanya..pelik ni..ohh mungkin sbb tukar tempat tdo kot..hehe..mungkin2..pastu time ble terlelap pun da xsedo..hehe..yess berjaya!!

tgh2 tdo tibe 2 terjaga..terdgr suare kecik plus pelat ckp "mandi olam" (mandi kolam).. beberapa kali..haha..ak tergelak sorang..bukan dlm tdo sbb mmg da terjaga..seperti yg dijangka suare faez la one n only nephew..klako..awal kot die bro is going to melaka today for some event..he's part of the organizer..pastu ak tdo balik..haha..sangat best..dan sekarang tgh type2 posting..sangat lapo r..hehe..ok till next time..adios~~~~

yours truly,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friends Day Out

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zaman waktu kite sekolah mmg waktu yg paling best kan?masa tu kita baru pas skolah rendah dan mengalami proses pembesaran dan pengembangan..haha..kalau ingat2 balik waktu skolah dlu rasa cam nk invent time machine..time2 rasa nak balik zaman dlu tekan je button..haha..seronoknye..tapi kadang2 ada gak part yang tak best..terpulang la macam mana seseorang tu melalui zaman sekolah die..

zaman ni gak adalah zaman kite mula kenal kawan2 yang jauh..maksudnye ms skolah rendah kite kwn dgn orang yang dekat2 ngn kite..tak pun kita kawan ngn orang yg da mmg kite kenal dari onve kite da msk skolah menengah kawan2 dari seluruh pelusuk negeri kot datang skolah kat situ..kan kita da membina networking..sekurang2nya mana2 kita pegi mest ada kwn kan cm tu..hehe..

hari sekali lagi nak cerite sal kawan2..previous post pun sal kwn2 gk kan..saje nk nunjuk ada ramai kwn..haha..xla2..dosa tau show off..saje je..nak express penghargaan utk kwn2..actually hari ni birthday ayu a.k.a ana a.k.a farhana sulong..kalau cari name ni kat fesbuk forsure xjupe la..haha..hana hideaki..haha..nama cam artis jepun..haha..kami yang tade keje ni telah mengadakan satu perjumpaan kecil-kecilan..just 4 of us..memandang sume orang ada keje so yang ni je la yg pegi..kite wat makan2 (wat ke??bkn ke beli mcD pastu bayo sendiri2??)..haha..kat mcD..then solah beli 4 bijik kek yg ala2 cup cake..2 blueberry and 2 lg chocolate kek kot..hehe..thanx solah for the cake!!

kita orang spend masa kat mcD tu ada la 3 jam kot..haha..mmg awal2 lagi masa smpi tu da nmpk ada keta kene clamp siap ngn notis lak tu "sila jumpe pengurus"..bak kate solah jalan paling bijak parking je kat giant..haha..bak kate solah lagi "nak parking selama-lamanya"..haha..sangat seronok..bercerita sal hal masing2..lame kot xsembang cam tu ngn solah..gelak2 sakan..tapi masih ingat daratan..haha..amik2 gambo..sape yg jadi mangsa kene amik gambo berempat??mest la adik yg keje kat mcD tu..mekasih la ye..jasamu dikenang..

pas 3 jam kat situ move to giant lak..semayang asar then solah nak beli jam..haha..lawak giler kot nak bli jam ni..compare2 mane satu yg lg elegan..huhu..pas beli jam start gerak nak balik..solah dtg sendiri dgn kenari putihnye n adawiah n ayu dgn saya la..tapiiii sebelum pulang ke sarang masing2 sempat lagi tu solah amik gmbo..ok mmg die inspired by gmbo david ape ntah yg main bola tu..huhu..selebihnye let the pictures speak for itself.....

enjoy =)

yours truly,

Kerana DIA....

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tetibe terasa cam syahdu plak nak wat post kali ni..terima kasih la diucapkan kpd ajahsyed alyahya ye..tetibe je mlm ni mengenang persahabatan kite berlima pape pun sangat menyentuh..jadi sbb tu sy nak post entry ni sebagai balasan la..

dlu ms mula2 start msk degree law (llb) saya xramai kawan..yg ada dan kenal pun just kwn2 ms diploma dlu..tu pn pas sorang2 kuar udm g msk universiti lain..tak rapat sangat plak tu dengan classmate yang br..xtau lagi cm mane perangai sorang2..da la tu class sama2 pun xbanyak sebab ms tu amik subjek senior and ada subjek dapat exemption sbb da amik ms dip dlu..

pastu ms sem 1 rapat dengan dip law yg lain..geng2 fety..ahli2nya adalah seperti ain, ekin n lumi..geng2 ni mmg klako giler..byk sgt kenangan bersama..sahabat dunia dan akhirat ye..

ni la diorang..ekin, lumi,ain n fety..

msk sem 3 dpt duk asrama baru a.k.a apartment..huhu!!best sblm pindah umah tu duk hostel lame Hamzah..yewwww....Tuhan je yg tau betapa xpandai nak manage diri sendiri ms tu..sbbnye satu;duk bilik ramai2 tu xkisah sgt tp bilik tu ground floor..orang lalu-lalang kalau nak salin baju pun rs cm ada orang nampak je..haha..gelabah baik beringat kan..klu tersebar kat internet xke malu sekampung??haa..duanya plak nak g bilik mandi kne lalu pintu utama..pintu utama tu kan paham2 je la..mesti la keterbukaan terserlah terasa malu..hihi..tu yg salu g clas lmbt..lmbt bersiap..haha..ntah pape..xde motip langsung..

bila da pindah apartmet duk ngn che pah, ida , jeton n tia..mula2 cam segan2 (segan ngn diorg??) la segan la sbb ms tu xrapat sgt bile da lame2 kenal hati budi masing2..terasa sayang..hehe..lame2 da jd satu geng..pegi mane2 mest sesama..kalau tade sorang mest rasa xbest..kalau tade sorang mest rasa tanak lame2 sume orang pun mula ada komitmen masing2 kite masih lagi tetap berlima..banyak benda harungi sama2..contohnye??harung air banjir sama2 time nk g xm..tragis x??haha..da hujan lebat..air plak banyak..mmg menyayat hati..sob2..

masa berlalu..ikatan makin kuat kan..kita kongsi cerita gembira dan sedih sama2..kalau sorang geng tau mest orang lain jgk akan tau..xleh simpan rahsie eh??haha..tade la..kita org byk diskusi..dari isu dunia, artis, masalah negara sume kite amik pot..haha..seronoknye..

ida, me, jeton, tia and che pah..

start dari sem depan, kite ada 2 sem je lagi untuk kite spend sama2..lepas abis blaja kite akan haluan hidup masing2..smg kita xputus kawan..akan selalu bersama..dan mengecapi kebahagiaan dan kejayaan sama2..

kerana Dia kita bertemu..kerana Dia kita bersahabat..dan kerana Dia ini adalah takdir yang terindah..

rasa cam nak wat ucapan la..berharap setiap detik indah yang kita lalui tidak akan pernah berlalu...........

yours truly,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

barang baik punye!!

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saya dah pulang..hehe..baru pulang dari bando..minggu ni semlm je kot xkuar..uishh perabih duit perlu diingat ye saya ke bando bkn sesaje..mesti la ada keje..kalau tade keje malas gak nak kuar..malas nk drive..hehe..kalau ada driver kan best..hehe..berangan xleh blah..

hari ni g umah my brother..g tolong die settle kan keje die cket..pastu g mydin..tade keje??asik g mydin tu je..ape ada pun xtau la..pada hal bkn beli ape sangat klu xgi situ nk g mane lg ea?paling2 pun giant..selebihnye??tade pilihan ok kt teranung ni..bak kate dak2 kL tade entertainment..haha..pape je la labu (meminjam perkataan kesukaan ida)..hehe..

hehe..ini la yang telah berjaya dibawa pulang.. tapi bukan saya punya sis punye..tahniah la ye sebab da dpt ape yg dihajati..pas ni xyah duk tercongok lagi depan pc yang lambat bagai siput tu..tapi kalau nak online masih perlu ikut turn ye memandangkan umah kami guna kabel..wifi??bile2 la..masih tak sempat lagi..banyak benda lain yang lebih penting perlu didahulukan..huhu..

terima kasih kpd abg din yang telah dengan baik hatinya menaja pembelian ini..semoga abg din dimurahkan rezeki..=)..

yours truly,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gorgeous thing for gorgeous people..

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oh i just can't take off my eyes on it!! isn't it extremely gorgeous?? what to say I'm crazy into shoes.haha!! actually I've saw this shoe before at someones blog. one of Malaysian big designer i think. last night while google-ing i found this shoe again!!haha..i just love it..

this gorgeous-blue-diamond-added shoe belongs to someone by name of manolo blahnik..who??say it again..manolo blahnik?? i have to admit that I've got no idea whose this guy is but his 30 years experience makes him as the most influential footwear designer.

just love love love!!!!

yours truly,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday =)

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hari ni birthday rumate saya Hidayah Hudzori..hehe..kakdya nk wish happy birthday la kt dayah..semoga pertambahan usia ni akan mematangkan dayah (haha)..

thanx for everything yg telah dayah tolong kak dya dari hari pertama sampai la hari last kite jd rumate..dayah mmg sgt rajin..tolong bsh kn bj (attention:gune mesin basuh ye..haha)..jemur bj, lipat bj..pastu dayah tolong bli kan makanan utk kakdya..tlg sapukan ubat ms sakit..hehe..paling penting tlg kejut subuh..hihi..bykkan cerite best kite share ms duk same2..mekasih la sbb tolong tadah telinge dengar cite kakdya..haha..nk wt cm ne kn kakdya mmg ske pn bercerite..bercerite ok bkn mgumpat..ada ke tak ea duk ngumpat ngn dayah??tade rsnye sbb ngumpat tu tak baik..patut la tade ingatan sal tu..hihi..

smg dayah selalu dirahmati, dilindungi dan diberkati oleh yg Maha Esa..smg berjaya dlm final xm hari tu..untuk itu kakdya nk bg dayah kek ni..yg betul punye mmg xdapat la..haha..gurau je..

yours truly

laporan hari ini =)

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sy baru pulang dari kota..sungguh ramai orang dan banyaknye kereta..penat sy xdrive pn ms pegi..adik yg drive..1st time die drive sendiri g bando tp masih dengan pengawasan instructor (adalah saya) sejak die dpt lesen..semlm die drive sendiri g sekayu ngn kawan2 die..ok la tu die balik dgn selamat..alhamdulillah..maknanye die pn da bleh drive..

tp ms kt bando tuko driver sbb sebuk sangat jalannya so tuko auto pilot..haha..berangan la..saya la plok amk alih..kite orang g yayasan terengganu..ada urusan cket..adik naik sorang je sbb keje die so sy tgu dlm keta memandangkan parking tade..sakit hati tol la..sib baik ari ni xpanas..sejuk sikit rasa..

ape yang menarik ea??erkkkk...

rsnye tade ape la yg menarik..sume bese2 je..tade cite extravaganza..cume sy je rajin menulis..hehe..excited xleh blah..haha..

ok la sampai sini saje..

yours truly,

cerita hari 16 mei 2010

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jam sudah pukul 3.53 am..maknanye hari baru sudah bermula..16 mei yang cukup bermakna itu sudah pun ditinggalkan..hari ni 17 mei 2010..hari semalam saya tinggalkan dengan perasaan yg bercampur baur..ada gembira, sedih,geram dan macam lagi la..

tak sangka plak 16 mei ni akan jadi tarikh lahir blog saya..hehe..saya gembira..saya rasa rajin nak menulis..smg kerajinan saya akan berkekalan..hihi..rasanya macam banyak benda yang dicerita tp tatau macam mana nak start..xpe la..cite lain simpan dlu ea..saya nak cite nape saya sedih semlm..

saya ada sorang kawan..saya sayang die seperti kawan2 yang lain juga..seseorang yang boleh saya katakan sebagai orang yang kenal dan tau diri saya. tp semlm die telah mengatakan sesuatu yang tak dapat saya terima..saya teringat2 ape yang die katekan..saya tatau ape niat die tp saya anggap die hanya bergurau sbb kami klu bergurau mmg cm lupe daratan kot..haha!!

tp tatau la nape hari ni saya sensitif sikit..pujuk hati sendiri utk menganggap kate2nye itu hanya satu gurauan..kalau pun die sebenarnye serius saya tanak amik tau kerana saya masih lagi tak percaya die kate cam tu kat saya..owh saya sangat sedih..

walau bagaimana pun, hari ni jd ceria sbb adik saya ajar saya buat blog..haha..saya sangat gembira..saya mmg xde keje pn asik online je..start dari hari ni saya ada benda baru nk wt..yihaaaa!!!

sekarang saya masih di depan lappy saya sedang xcaye jek..ok2..ini realiti bkn fantasi..haha..owh saya sedang dengar lagu amr diab..tamalli ma'ak..mlm semlm shahir af8 nyanyi kat konsert..saya sgt suke sbb sy suke shahir yg pemalu (at least skang ni die ala2 shy lagi), sy suke lagu tamalli ma'ak n sy ske amr la kot lagu arab 1st saya minat (credit kpd abg ipar sy, abg mie sbb bg sy cd lagu2 arab dlu)..hehe..

ok la sampai situ la dlu utk kali ni..

yours truly,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

pengembaraan baru bermula...

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 7:27 PM 2 comments

dengan lafaz yang mulia ini saya pun mengepos posting yang pertama.semoga blog ini akan dipenuhi dengan keceria dan tuan punye blog juga akan sentiasa rajin utk updet..hehe..

sebenarnye desire (cettt) nk wt blog tu da lame ada tp xpenah terbuat biar pun adik, fasahah dan anak sedara, sofea da lame ada blog sendiri. bile baca blog org lain yg best2 tu rs nk wt sndiri tp baru hari ni terrajin nk wt..

kepada Syahidah Mohamad..anda mmg bijak meyakinkan saya utk wt blog ni..kepada Che Pah sila aktifkan blog anda (tgk br post satu intro je pn da sound org)..haha..kpd Tia n Jeton..kehadiran yg ditunggu2..hehe..

akhir kata..have a nice day everybody..

yours truly,

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