Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Two Thing

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Assalamualaikum and good morning..How was your day everyone?

Within this two three weeks, i've been quite nervous about something. Not that someone proposed (that would be the best thing ever happened in my life!).LPQB Board will come to Unisza for evaluation!This is what we were waiting for!In which it will decides whether we, Unisza law graduates are qualified to become legal practitioner or join the judiary service.

Ya Allah, for all my life, in 26 years, i've been wanting to become part of these so much. Of course i am happy yet anxious about the evaluation.Been thinking about attending this meaningful event but not yet confirmed with the faculty, another good news come!

I passed an exam to join state government service and required to go to an assessment.Alhamdulillah.Everything seems work out for me and i just realized that the assessment will be held on the same day with the evaluation!Oh Ya Allah i have to choose. both is my bright future, insyaallah.

Made up my mind!

The bottom line here is, please bear in our mind that Allah never give us something too early and it is never too late, but He always give us what we want and the best for us at the right time =)!

yours truly,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Be Nice

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Hope everyone is okay and always be protected by Allah. Last night me and my officemates when to Istana Budaya to watch Lawak Ke Der 2.As always Jozan, Boboi, Nabil and Harith Iskander never dissappoint us. Having a great night and it is worth it to pay rm83 for the ticket.

The whole theater bantai gelak from the start to the end. Somehow some people commented that they got nothing for rm83.Habis yang duk bantai gelak tu apa?Human being.Never satisfied.

This is my second time been there at Istana Budaya. My first time was couple of years ago when i was still a student. Went there for KL Drift if i'm not mistaken. Immediately after the performance end, i uploaded a photo to fb and the first comment came from a guy which i din't know telling me better go to kuliah agama.I was so shock and it spoiled my mood. in second i remove that guy from my friends list after replying his comment with a question what with this unsatisfaction.

Honestly, i was so embarrased. i never post any bad comment to others and i also hope people to be nice to me. There is no harm if you use nice words. I am not stone head. I can easily accept what people said to me if i make mistakes.Just then i realize something, it is not easy to become daie. You wanna right people from wrong but there is something wrong with the method. 

It is fine if you want to tell someone she make mistake but could you please use your brain to think of a well manner instead of make her 'sentap'?

Maybe this is the time to ponder.....

yours truly,

p/s:cik, wish you're here =(


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