Friday, January 27, 2012

Burst into tears

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hi peeps! Long time no see. Sorry for disappearing without reasons. Just missing in action.Hihi!

Today i would like talk about emotions. Specifically relations between woman and emotions. As we grew older, our hormone definitely change. We started to be more emotional. Easily get hurt and upset because of simple things. Does this happen to you girls?

In my case, it is difficult to cry when I was young. I don't get it why people cry when they watched sad movie. But now, i can easily burst into tears even if i see something that not related to me at all. For example, when exam's result announced on tv. Watching people get straight A's can touched me a lot. I should be categorized as emo person right? What about you? Did you experience the same thing too?

This picture was taken last week when my sister is trying to snap an airplane photo. I went to the other side of this airport yesterday and saw a cadet pilot take off all alone by himself. Doing his solo flight. Guess what! I can simply feels the emotion. Whatta drama queen!Haishh!

yours truly,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Love in the air

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I am not in love right now but i want to feel it again!Haha!This weather just put me into mode jiwang.Hehe! 

Don't tell me that you never fall in love when you're young. Who doesn't love to stare at cute guys right?The best part is when they are responding.Even if we don't know what they really felt but that's not a problem at all. As long as he give a look, i can smile all the way back home. 

Things change now.  I am slowly forgetting how it feel when i see someone i like walking to his class, standing in front of lab, talking in front of crowd during assembly, checking of us, the kids during teachers' meeting, waiting for van, etc, etc, etc!

My heart did not beat as fast as before anymore.Everything is just cold and numb.Can I just feel the love again?

yours truly,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tahun baru 2012

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Kita dah pun berada dalam tahun baru 2012. Sekejap je masa berlalu. Rasa macam baru lagi welcoming 2011 tetiba macam tak sedar dah tahun 2012 pun. Tiada sambutan secara gilang gemilang. Just duduk depan laptop surfing internet tengok apa yang berlaku di seluruh dunia pada malam tahun baru ni. 
Kat Kuala Berang ni hujan lebat kadang2 reda.Pendek kata sejuk macam winter.Serius!Kalau rumah tak de heater kat bilik air, rasa macam ada je orang yang tak mandi.Hihi!Walau pun kat sini hujan lebat tadi dekat setengah jam jugak la dengar bunyi bunga api. Ingatkan bunyi apa la kan tengah2 malam ni. Tapi kesian la beria nak sambut tahun baru dengan bunga api bagai tapi hujan lebat.Cam mana?Hihi!

Tengok dekat Facebook tadi dekat Shah Alam sambut tahun baru dengan bacaan doa diketuai oleh Ustaz Azhar Idrus.Bagus la. He is a phenomenon right now.Last month, dekat Kinrara ada kuliah Maghrib by him, ramai giler kot orang pergi. Ingat kan ada apa la kan then ternampak banner ada gambar beliau.

Azam tahun baru?Perlu ke ada eh?Haha!Just hoping for the best and may Allah make everything easier for me, you and us.

Welcome 2012!

yours truly,

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