Friday, December 14, 2012

Malaysia vs Thailand:Fadli The Red Card Hero?

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 10:58 AM 1 comments

Happy Friday morning peeps!I believe everyone is spirited to go to work today because it's Friday!Yihhaa!I don't wanna talk about that today. After a long disappearance from this blogging world (which i know nobody realized..hihi) i come back today to give my humble opinion on last night game Malaysia vs Thailand. 

This game is the game that i looking forward because as far as my observation concern, Thailand team is a good team. They play strategically and good ball passing. And of course they have a good finish. It is undeniable. However, i cannot forget how unfair this game is. Starting from day 1, our national team has been treated like school boys who went to another school to play in district tournament.

Oh come on!This is a huge competition. The whole South East Asia participated. Both, Malaysia and Thailand are hosting this tournament, yet Thailand treat us like we're inferior to them. Poor our heroes. They are mentally and physically pressured. 

Is it reasonable to give your opponent a field like paddy field to have training? Where is your courtesy? Where is your sports spirit? I believe you have none. Again, i feel proud and grateful to be Malaysian. We treat people with 5 stars accommodation and respect people no matter who they are. But, the thing is, people think that we are easily being bullied!

Enough with the paddy field training. The most important moment. Do you think that last night's game is fair play? I don't think so. Although i (or us the whole nation) have no prove that the referee is accepting something from our opponent, Malaysians are saying that he got paid by them. 

It feels strange from the start. Referee keep giving warning to our player although we can see both parties are doing fault. I believe the highlight of the game is not when Thailand score goals but when Fadhli Shas was given his second yellow card, which mean a red card. This is a total disaster. What have he done? I thought the yellow card is for the player who make Mat Yo felled but it is actually for Fadhli Shas again as he had argument with Thai player who knocked him, and he seems to have pain on his shoulder. That Thai player said something to him and it may be a provocation. So, it this all fair play? I leave it to your judgment.

When we play with only 10 players, and we lost our defender, indeed it is a tough game. With that kind of referee who keep looking and scanning your fault, seriously, you are in disadvantages. We have to admit, our player defend all the time from the start. Although there are opportunities to score but we have no good finish. We are still lack in something and that something need to be fixed. I believe that we have good players but they need to find chemistry between them. On top of that, it will be great if our team can play like Germany team. Am i having a daydreaming?Definitely no!We can achieve it with a strong will. One thing that i realized when i watched Germany play during World Cup is they passed the ball like they are programmed. Short passing and accurate. How they do this?Please learn, our heroes.Never feel inferior to others and just play like you are the best player in the world. Confidence makes you fly high.

All and all, i cannot only blame players and the coach in this game. There are other factors that influence this game. Win or lose, i'm still with Harimau Malaya. Always and forever. We are tiger, we eat flesh and blood. Keep soaring Tiger!

yours truly,


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