Friday, February 24, 2012

Sedang apa dan di mana?

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Akhirnya Lisa Surihani, dara pujaan Malaya da pun selamat jadi isteri kepada Yusry KRU. Siapa la sangka kan?Jodoh Allah yang tentukan. Untung la Lisa. She got fame and now a husband. Someone who can she relied on. Rasa cam ada jek jejaka2 yang teringat2 kat Lisa malam ni.Haha!Jahat giler gelak cam ni..Ala bunga bukan sekuntum..Banyak lagi ada so cari la.Huhu!

Kenapa pulak tetiba mukaddimah ni cakap pasal Lisa?Macam takde kena-mengena pulak dengan tajuk.Memang takde. Saje je. Saya sangat2 suka dengar lagu SADD ni sekarang. Of course la sebab lirik dia yang best dan suara penyanyinya yang sangat la macho. Buat sekian kalinya takyah la pandang rupa ok. 

dulu selalu ada waktu untuk kita
kini ku sendiri
dulu kata cinta tak habis tercipta
kini tiada lagi (lagi)
sedang apa dan dimana dirimu yang dulu ku cinta
ku tak tahu tak lagi tahu seperti waktu dulu
apakah mungkin bila kini ku ingin kembali
menjalani janji hati kita
sedang apa dan dimana 
sedang apa dan dimana dirimu yang dulu ku cinta
ku tak tahu tak lagi tahu seperti waktu dulu
apakah mungkin bila kini ku ingin kembali
menjalani menjalani menjalani janji hati kita

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Dulu saya tahu dia buat apa dan di mana dia tapi sekarang nombor telefon dia pun saya dah tak ada. Tak guna ingat orang yang dah jadi milik orang lain. Look forward and find someone else. Adele kata "Someone Like You" tapi saya kata "Someone Better Than You".
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When the life begin..

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Hi peeps..How are you doing guys?Me?Doing okay. It's been 3 days since i started working. Everything seems to be just fine. People around me  are very nice and ready to tell me and teach me what should I do. Still adapting myself with my new environment in a good way. 

Truthfully, there are a lot of things that i have to learn. From the simplest thing to the complicated one. Or maybe because i'm doing the litigation part, of course it's so much procedural. At first, i thought doing conveyancing is easier but when i do it myself, i don't think i wanna do any conveyancing job. It's seems more complicated. I don't know. This is just a thought of a worker who just work for 3 days. More days will come and many more things will come too. Just hoping that everything gonna be fine. Wish me all the best okay buddies!

Before started working, little that i know i will stay back after hours. Office hour is between 8.30 am to 5 pm.  However, since day first, i always go back home after 6. I don't take it in a bad way because as i love to watch legal dramas, i thought it is normal for lawyers to work until 9 or even later than that. When i was still studying, one of my lecturer said when he still practising, he use to go back home at 3 pm. Isn't it heaven?Haha!My boss work until night and i started to think about what if one day i have to work until night too? That's me!Always think about something not really important. But it is mportant to go back home early right? What more if you have husband and kids at home. I have none.Huhu!Will have..Some day.Haha!

So, what is most funniest experience? Client asking for my number.Seriously this never happened to me before. But i know he was just kidding. Maybe he got a lot of free time so talking to girls and keeping her laughing for his joke is good for him.Haha! I don't know and i don't take it seriously. I think it happen all the time to people who do callings. 

Got to go now. I'm a paralegal at day and teacher at night.Hihi!Not really a teacher. Just helping my brother doing his lesson plan. This week lessons' plan is waiting for me. Till next update!Love ya!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One fine day has finally arrived

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Hi peeps! It's been awhile since my last update. Seriously i got nothing to write. Thinking hard but nothing come across so i decided to just keep silence. Whatta lame!Haha!

Today, most probably the best day ever in my life since i graduated last September. I finally found a job!Huhu!Not a dream job but it is a step stone to my dream job.Definitely in the same field as what i studied just that i can't go to court. Still it's okay.  Just wait until we get recognition babe!

Finally, one fine day that i always dream of has come to me. Wish me luck for my first job!

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