Monday, May 31, 2010

till then..

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 2:14 PM
few days without updates..quite boring huh??hehe..due to some reasons i just can not get access to the all i do is reading my new novel "remember me?" written by sophie kinsella and watching tv..currently at my sis's house at pj..poor my blog no updates..

so wanna know about "remember me?"??it is a story of a woman who had lost her memory due to car crash..she didn't remember anything except up to year 2004..she thinks she's 24..actually she's 28..she thought she got nothing..but it appears that she is a director of a company, live like in heaven and most important thing is she's married!!haha..damn good looking husband and rich..huhu!!she learn everything from the beginning and it happened to be that she hated by people..her personality had change..from an arrogant woman to very humble..she got amnesia anyway..and i'm not yet finish actually ..hehe..but already know the ending..i just can't wait to know what will happen at the end so i straight away go to last page..hehe..

last night while having a dinner my sis marking her student's xm paper for bahasa melayu high expectation coz when she read it to me i think it is quite ok but she said that's not what she i fully understand that teachers and lecturers have their own standard in marking..all students have to do is to have a brilliant idea and know how to arrange the points. not to mention, use the right words. try to impress them by our idea. not easy but i believe by practice we just can do it..

speaking about result already can be checked today but due to some technical problem, the whole class can not do so but i actually happy for that because i don't wanna know my result. i know it would be a disaster.i'm not doing well during last final heart like wanna explode when i start thinking about it. i just pray to Allah that i pass all's ok if i only got "cukup2 mkn" but please let me passed all papers i've taken..

feel like wanna cry now..waaaa!!!till then..bye =)

yours truly,


Izzati Redzuan on June 1, 2010 at 7:43 PM said...

k.dya,cite ni cm nk kt sme ngn cite couple or trouble je...xpn 51 dates..hehe...hilng ingtn...hehe

Hidayah Deiya Aledruce on June 2, 2010 at 5:47 PM said...

aah ala2 cite ni xbpe best sgt compared to undomestic goddess n can u keep a still best la utk dibaca..hehe..

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