Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 12:07 AM
i just read an article from NYdailynews regarding our newest reality show, Imam Muda. overall the content of the article is okay but comments left by the readers are very disappointing..there are only 12 comments but obviously it shows that non muslim especially from the west still think that Muslim are terrorist, bomber, committing suicide..arghhhh....that was so unacceptable..

after all what they have done to Muslim people, they should have known who are the real terrorist..or they just too afraid to admit it?of course no one will admit that they had kill people and destroy their cities, home, school,etc..they would rather pointing it out to others than telling the truth..coward rite??

i just want to say that Islam is a religion of peace..in Islam we will found love..there is no single authority from Al-Quran or Hadith encouraging us to declare war to others except if we are threatened..besides, there is no force in Islam..u can do whatever u wanna do just don't go beyond the line..

what a sad thing it is..i hope one day the truth will be revealed and all of us will be protected by Allah..

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