Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Raudah =)

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 1:02 AM
Good early morning my dear..hehe..what are doing guys??me??currently at taiping now..balkish's house..accompanying her counting her days as bachelorette..haha!!

Actually i wanna wish happy belated birthday to my sister raudah..she's 18..haha!!no longer a kid ok..grown up now and be more matured please..hehe..what a bad wishes right??this is my third time wishing this to my sister..her birthday is actually on 5th jun but since that day i'm travelling with balkish so i have no chance to comfortably blogging..what more i'm at balkish's home so i just have to forget about updating this blog for a while..ngeh2..anak dara kne sopan cket duk umah org ni..

To my dear sister raudah..i hope u will be ok there at kmph..this a new start for u to redeem all the misery that u have went through before. forget everything in the past. let bygone be bygone. start a new life with new determination. i always have faith in u that u can achieve what u really want. real success need real sacrifice. just do it ok..ignore those who just know how to talk but have nothing..being where u are now is a bless and a gift..don't waste it..if cik is here right now watching u she must be very proud of her little girl..just remember cik whenever u feel down..just remember her faith in all of us..remember that she's the only one who never let us give up when we know that that's our limit..remember her spirit..because that's what i'm always do..although cik is no longer here but she's always alive in our heart and we always be part of her..

I know u wanna cry..haha..gottchaaa!!!!sorry for not giving any present this time..we are now being apart by distance so i can not give u a fact i haven't buy u any..hehe..sorry..but i already have in mind what will i get don't worry..haha!! the moment i got nothing for u but i have this picture of what u said u want for your birthday..only can be seen and can not be touched but at least its for u..ngeh2..

yours truly,



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