Sunday, June 13, 2010

Road to Taiping

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 4:05 AM
gudmorning..huhu!!long time no see..just came back from taiping..well last week was a great week for me..although i can't surf the internet crazily like usual but still i'm very happy being at balkish's home..her parents are very kind..treating me like their own daughter..feed me a lot..haha!!her mom cooking is superb..ate a lot..make me feel like eating cik's cooking..miss cik's cooking damn much..may Allah bless my beloved late mom~~

actually this is my first time at taiping..never been there before..our journey takes the whole day..fuh~~went to uitm puncak alam at about 10 am to meet balkish's brother and only able to get there at 12pm..giler!!haha..ok we ate a load of langsat..we've lost..haha..went to wrong direction and finally we found that we're at meru, we get there??dunno..haha..quite worry at first but saw signboard of uitm puncak alam about 15km from there so we know that we're near to uitm..relief immediately come after we saw another signboard of uitm and saw the guard house..huhu!!

at about 6 pm we arrived at balkish's house..her sister, baby welcoming us with her bright smile seeing her along..for sure she waits for her..angah, alang, acik and baby are very friendly..they treat me like they know me very well and i'm very honoured =)..thanks you angah, alang, acik and baby..thanx again to acik for your kindness of drawing the inai on my hand..beautiful flower abg chik..hehe =)..their relatives are great too..mak long had put the inai on my hand..hehe..thanx mak long..then i also make lots of new friends..balkish's neighbor and her cousin..noris@juwa..hehe..u're so funny ok..we get along very well..haha!!

balkish and angah also took me to pekan taiping..the buildings are quite impressive..they still have buildings built by british but they are not properly maintained..compared to kuala terengganu, roads at taiping are more complicated but after few days driving there i think there are some route that i remember..hehe..

ermmm i'm tired but not sleepy..till next time k..can't upload photo right now..dunno what the problem..will upload later k..

yours truly,


Anonymous said...

hepi holiday~

Hidayah Deiya Aledruce on June 18, 2010 at 1:21 PM said...

thanx dear..u too =p

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