Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Hope

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 11:56 AM
good are you my dear blog and all of u people (erkk ada ke org bace blog ak nih??hehe..)..i just stop blogging for a few days because of the wi fi is quite slow and high level of patience is needed..which is just not me i think..haha..fortunately facebook-ing is still ok..hihi..

today i got class at 8 am..woke up early this morning and it make me impress with my ownself..haha!!jurisprudence is the subject that i learn today but since sir bad have to attend a meeting so the class is only for 1 hour..heaven!!haha!

yesterday i got class with sir bell for probate and administration,in which in this class he ask the whole class to write an essay about ourself..tak tahan he read it out loud and laugh alone by himself before the class.. sir fuad for professional practice and ethics..a day before yesterday a class with sir amin for civil procedure and we manage to finish the first topic..

wait2!! isn't it all core subject??yes they are..7th semester, 7 subjects and 21 credit hours..selok kera doh pahni!!!

i really hope this new semester will be far better than last semester..wanna switch myself to "hardworking mode"..gudluck to myself and all my dear friends..though hard things keep coming but God willing we always can pass through it =)

Good luck and all the best!!gambate!!

yours truly,


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