Sunday, August 7, 2011

Once a teacher, always a teacher

Posted by Hidayah Deiya Aledruce at 1:50 AM

How are you peeps?Hope everybody is doing okay fasting and performing solat terawih.

Couple of nights ago i went to a mosque near to my house. Met some of my mom's friends. While sitting and waiting for Isyak, someone spread her sejadah besides mine and when i looked up, someone come to my mind. She is my teacher when i was in primary school. Yes!She is. Her name is Cikgu Rohana and i still remember how afraid i am of her. But it was 13 years ago when i was in standard 6. She used to teach me math and you know how bad i am in math.I adore her because she is pretty and brilliant.I think everyone who is good in math is genius.Hihi!

I greeted her and she seemed to be surprised!She didn't recognized me at first but then i told her my name and my friend's name then she recall some of my other friends. A bit surprised of how much i have grew up and already finished my study but not yet married.Hihi!Teachers prohibit us to get involved in love matters when we were young but they will ask us about that when the right time comes.

Never meet her since i finished primary school, i'm eager to know about her life right now. We've been sharing our stories within that short period of time and we parted after solat terawih. Her health condition is not really good right now. Feeling quite sad after hearing her story. I realized that life is a test and not everybody get what they want even though they tried their hardest. We always plan but the best planner is always Allah The Almighty. 

I hope she will always be healthy and live her life happily with her husband and child.

yours truly,


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