Monday, May 27, 2013

They Just Married

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How's your day people? I'm not feeling well today. Been driving for 8 hours yesterday from Terengganu to KL and there was traffic jammed too. Stressful though. Not managed to go to work today and had panadol. Here i am blogging!Hee!

School holiday just started and we got lots of wedding invitation. Not able to attend all but my best wishes for happiness be with them. May Allah bless the marriage and happily ever after. Insyaallah =)..

Who doesn't love wedding?We, ladies especially, love beautiful wedding, gorgeous bride and handsome groom, stunning dresses, shoes, flowers, dais, hantaran and all..Just thinking of it make us smile, isn't it? What more, it is best place for single people to meet!

My family just had a wedding last March. My brother wed to his beautiful young girlfriend. Haha! Let's go to our time machine for coverage of the reception.

Hantaran for the bride

The dais

Part of ladies of the family

It's a wrap!Sorry if all you can see is dark. These are from our own camera which we don't know how to set it according to lighting and all.Hee!Haven't received photos from the official photographer yet. 

Now, it should be my turn because only me and my younger sister left single. Huhu!Not going to allow her to get marry before me. Haha!So cruel.

Till next update, see ya!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sweet Escapism

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hi peeps.It's been so long since the last time i update this loyal blog of mine. Sorry for not able to update frequently. I don't know whether my follower keep checking this blog or not but if there are some people who are interested, forgive me please..(sorry for making this para as minta pelempang..hee!)

Something that i wanna share with you guys is my vacation. Do you remember my trip to Universal Studio Singapore?It is long time ago and i had a chance to have a girls trip with my favorite girls on early February. Thanks to Ida, Tia and Jeton a.k.a Zati for making this vacation a reality.

It was a 3 days 2 nights holidays. Since K.L is having its Hari Wilayah on 1 February, we started our journey on that date and luckily it's Friday!!We are happy to start our holiday as early as at 8 o'clock in the morning. As usual, i'm late!Woke up late and i have to travel from Bukit Jalil to Sungai Buloh. My friends have to wait for me and i only arrived at Sg Buloh around 9.30 a.m. Oh yes, forgot to mention, me and my friends gather at Tia's house and we leave around 10 a.m. We have a pit stop at Hentian Rawang to buy some foods and beverages. 

Have i tell you where are we going?Opps sorry! We are heading to Teluk Intan, Perak. Ida's hometown. We are going to stay at Lumut and having fun at Teluk Batik. Ida acted as our honored driver and of course we are traveling with her car. Since graduated we haven't had a chance to gather, chit-chatting, gossiping, and laughing like this. Time and financial constraint maybe. Haha! It's good to see people's place and one village stole my attention. It's name is Kampung Coldstream. Nobody would expect that kampung situated in Perak. There are lots of lorry on the road and Ida manage to overtake all of them. Bravo Ida!Hee!

Around 12 p.m we arrived at Ida's house in Teluk Intan. Meeting Opah and Ibu. Thanks for feeding us and preparing foods for our picnic.Sardine and eggs are always the best during picnic.Honestly, i'm craving for that lauk right now.Haha! After a while at Ida's place we move to Teluk Batik, Lumut. We chose Virgo Batik Resort and after performing Zohor prayer, we went to the beach.

After finding the best spot for us to sit, the first thing that we do is makan!!!We are seriously hungry!Haha!Then, after finishing our meal, Ida jump into the water and swim like a mermaid. She really enjoys the beach and can happily playing by herself. While Tia and Jeton are having a conversation under a tree. Me? Waiting for the waves to hit me and restraining myself from going any further into the water. 

We had so much fun writing our names on the sand for countless times, taking pictures and laughing at guys from navy when they are having karaoke session. Did i mention some of them are playing ball in the water?Huhu!They are freaking hot. Wakakaka!Do i have to mention again that they are navies?Hee! Later, we continued our swimming session in the hotel's swimming pool while enjoying some dried squid that we bought on our way back to hotel from the beach. Like a tourist.Huhu!

Before Maghrib, we went to Marina Bay to see sunset but unfortunately, we didn't manage to do that. Instead, we took lots of pictures and after performing Maghrib prayer we hunt for foods. Again, we are hungry! We chose to eat at Medan Ikan Bakar Teluk Muruh but i have to say that we are not satisfied with the food. Later on, we make our move to Aeon Manjung, which is so interesting with lots of shop lots and Jeton bought two pairs of shoes for herself and her mother. We are actually expecting to watch a movie there but unluckily the cinema will only be opened soon =(.

The next day, our destination is Lumut. We aimed to buy some dried seafood to be taken home. Me and Tia bought t shirts and of course all 4 of us bought dried seafood and ate some of it in the car.Huhu!Tell me who didn't love to eat while chit chatting in the car? We stop for Zohor prayer at Desa Manjung Raya a.k.a Venice of Perak. Where is it? Go and Google it now!

Then we start looking for place to do our favorite activity. Unfortunately, we found no better place than a place where always do our activity. So, we decided to hold it to another time. Quite sad but it's okay. After that, straight away headed to Menara Condong Teluk Intan. Yes menara condong. Just like Pisa in Italy. That evening, we went back to Ida's house and stay there for a night.

The next morning, after having breakfast, we headed back to K.L. Before that, we are actually looking after to try Mee Rebus Mustan Ghani, which is very popular in Teluk Intan but the shop is not yet open. So, Ida decided that we didn't complete our visit to Teluk Intan yet and have to come again.Of course we are!On the way back to K.L, we stop at Sungkai to have laksa at one of Ida's favorite place. The laksa is delicious and i love its layer tea. 

Around 2 p.m, we arrived at Aeon Rawang and went for movies. We chose Hansel & Gretel since we didn't manage to watch it at Manjung.After the movies, we went to have some food and then we went home. 

From the bottom of my heart, i hope that this vacation would never end.Girls, i'm going to remember this vacation of ours forever.May Allah bless our friendship forever.

Marina Bay


Menara Condong Teluk Intan

Laksa at Sungkai

Pictures surely tell you everything!



Friday, December 14, 2012

Malaysia vs Thailand:Fadli The Red Card Hero?

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Happy Friday morning peeps!I believe everyone is spirited to go to work today because it's Friday!Yihhaa!I don't wanna talk about that today. After a long disappearance from this blogging world (which i know nobody realized..hihi) i come back today to give my humble opinion on last night game Malaysia vs Thailand. 

This game is the game that i looking forward because as far as my observation concern, Thailand team is a good team. They play strategically and good ball passing. And of course they have a good finish. It is undeniable. However, i cannot forget how unfair this game is. Starting from day 1, our national team has been treated like school boys who went to another school to play in district tournament.

Oh come on!This is a huge competition. The whole South East Asia participated. Both, Malaysia and Thailand are hosting this tournament, yet Thailand treat us like we're inferior to them. Poor our heroes. They are mentally and physically pressured. 

Is it reasonable to give your opponent a field like paddy field to have training? Where is your courtesy? Where is your sports spirit? I believe you have none. Again, i feel proud and grateful to be Malaysian. We treat people with 5 stars accommodation and respect people no matter who they are. But, the thing is, people think that we are easily being bullied!

Enough with the paddy field training. The most important moment. Do you think that last night's game is fair play? I don't think so. Although i (or us the whole nation) have no prove that the referee is accepting something from our opponent, Malaysians are saying that he got paid by them. 

It feels strange from the start. Referee keep giving warning to our player although we can see both parties are doing fault. I believe the highlight of the game is not when Thailand score goals but when Fadhli Shas was given his second yellow card, which mean a red card. This is a total disaster. What have he done? I thought the yellow card is for the player who make Mat Yo felled but it is actually for Fadhli Shas again as he had argument with Thai player who knocked him, and he seems to have pain on his shoulder. That Thai player said something to him and it may be a provocation. So, it this all fair play? I leave it to your judgment.

When we play with only 10 players, and we lost our defender, indeed it is a tough game. With that kind of referee who keep looking and scanning your fault, seriously, you are in disadvantages. We have to admit, our player defend all the time from the start. Although there are opportunities to score but we have no good finish. We are still lack in something and that something need to be fixed. I believe that we have good players but they need to find chemistry between them. On top of that, it will be great if our team can play like Germany team. Am i having a daydreaming?Definitely no!We can achieve it with a strong will. One thing that i realized when i watched Germany play during World Cup is they passed the ball like they are programmed. Short passing and accurate. How they do this?Please learn, our heroes.Never feel inferior to others and just play like you are the best player in the world. Confidence makes you fly high.

All and all, i cannot only blame players and the coach in this game. There are other factors that influence this game. Win or lose, i'm still with Harimau Malaya. Always and forever. We are tiger, we eat flesh and blood. Keep soaring Tiger!

yours truly,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Two Thing

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Assalamualaikum and good morning..How was your day everyone?

Within this two three weeks, i've been quite nervous about something. Not that someone proposed (that would be the best thing ever happened in my life!).LPQB Board will come to Unisza for evaluation!This is what we were waiting for!In which it will decides whether we, Unisza law graduates are qualified to become legal practitioner or join the judiary service.

Ya Allah, for all my life, in 26 years, i've been wanting to become part of these so much. Of course i am happy yet anxious about the evaluation.Been thinking about attending this meaningful event but not yet confirmed with the faculty, another good news come!

I passed an exam to join state government service and required to go to an assessment.Alhamdulillah.Everything seems work out for me and i just realized that the assessment will be held on the same day with the evaluation!Oh Ya Allah i have to choose. both is my bright future, insyaallah.

Made up my mind!

The bottom line here is, please bear in our mind that Allah never give us something too early and it is never too late, but He always give us what we want and the best for us at the right time =)!

yours truly,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Be Nice

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Hope everyone is okay and always be protected by Allah. Last night me and my officemates when to Istana Budaya to watch Lawak Ke Der 2.As always Jozan, Boboi, Nabil and Harith Iskander never dissappoint us. Having a great night and it is worth it to pay rm83 for the ticket.

The whole theater bantai gelak from the start to the end. Somehow some people commented that they got nothing for rm83.Habis yang duk bantai gelak tu apa?Human being.Never satisfied.

This is my second time been there at Istana Budaya. My first time was couple of years ago when i was still a student. Went there for KL Drift if i'm not mistaken. Immediately after the performance end, i uploaded a photo to fb and the first comment came from a guy which i din't know telling me better go to kuliah agama.I was so shock and it spoiled my mood. in second i remove that guy from my friends list after replying his comment with a question what with this unsatisfaction.

Honestly, i was so embarrased. i never post any bad comment to others and i also hope people to be nice to me. There is no harm if you use nice words. I am not stone head. I can easily accept what people said to me if i make mistakes.Just then i realize something, it is not easy to become daie. You wanna right people from wrong but there is something wrong with the method. 

It is fine if you want to tell someone she make mistake but could you please use your brain to think of a well manner instead of make her 'sentap'?

Maybe this is the time to ponder.....

yours truly,

p/s:cik, wish you're here =(

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bila Dugaan Datang

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Harap semuanya dalam keadaan okay2 aje.Tak lama lagi diploma students akan start final exam.For sure sekarang ni tengah kalut study kn.Pegang nota tu tak kena pegang nota ni pun tak kena.Tapi time cam ni la kita kena bertenang.Bukan bertenang dalam erti kata relax tak buat apa-apa tapi study secara bijaksana.

Mesti sebelum ni da buat notes sume kan so last2 minit ni just baca daripada notes je la.Bukan masa da nak kelek buku or manual ke hulu ke hilir.Yang penting study.Jangan pulak mentang2 stress terus buat dek je..

So,good luck everyone!Semoga Allah memudahkan segalanya!

Okeh habis cerita pasal exam.Sekarang pasal bola pulak.Kalau you all ikut perkembangan bola kat Malaysia mesti you all tahu kontroversi pasal Terengganu punye team.Sebenarnya dari awal season ni lagi kot duk dengar supporters Teranung suruh CMJ a.k.a u know who tu lepaskan jawatan yang yang dah berkurun dia pegang tu.Aku of course la sokong je dia letak jawatan.Reason aku senang je sebab bila seseorang tu pegang satu2 jawatan tu terlalu lama, dia akan hilang fokus.Matlamat utama untuk menaikkan prestasi satu2 pasukan or mengekalkan prestasi pasukan akan hilang dan timbul matlamat lain pulak.So, kita perlukan orang baru dengan fokus dan matlamat baru untuk menentukan halatuju pasukan bola sepak Teranung.

Tapi sebenarnya sedih la sebab pasukan Teranung berpecah da.Ramai star yang takdr da nati.Tiap2 hari kot sekarang duk tunggu update pasal bola sepak kat facebook.Paling best malam semalam kot,footballer Teranung main futsal dekat Sport Planet.Ok tu dekat brlakang UNISZA tempat i belajar dulu okay!Wish i'm in Teranung right now :(..

To all Teranung footballer, good luck for next season..For those who are going to new team,all the best..You guys never know how much i wish all of you to stay with Teranung..And i believe others feel the same too.

p/s:sokong ABC! JKT, i hope you do well at your hometown.

yours truly,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Iftar @ Ri-yaz

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Hi peeps!Hope everyone is having a great Ramadhan and also great upcoming Aidilfitri.Not too early to wish for hari raya right?Hihi!

Alhamdulillah i'm already at home. Just arrived from KL yesterday. Appreciate the opportunity for sahur and break fast with family. My sister, brother and me were having some great time of shopping for hari raya and stuck in traffic jammed for quite some time too!The best part is it's hot here in Terengganu and suddenly it's raining!

We had our iftar today at Ri-yaz Heritage Bay.My brother's treat!Thanks and may Allah give him more and more rizqi in the future!For those who live outside Terengganu, i am suggesting you guys to stay here if you come to Terengganu. You will see a great view of peace and also some time for jiwang-jiwang.Haha!Seriously, this hotel situated alongside Terengganu River. Pasar Payang is right before your eyes!Do some shopping there!Girls surely love this!Huhu!

Entries without pictures are boring isn't it?So let's do some tour to our journey of iftar..Hihi!

Till next update..

yours truly,


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